Every estate sale is unique. Usually a wide range of items is presented for sale -- furniture, clothing, appliances, linens, silver, china and other household items. Some estate sales feature expensive, one-of-a-kind items such as works of art, jewelry and antiques. Some may even have cars and boats. 

With Girl Friday You'll...

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Enjoy Professionalism

Girl Friday does all the work for your estate sale. We begin by assessing the value of your items, organizing them for display and making sure everything runs smoothly when potential buyers arrive. 

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Appropriately Priced Pieces

 Girl Friday has connections with leading experts in selling fine art, collectibles, jewelry and other valuables. You can trust that the sale manager will try hard to sell your items, because the more money you make, the more money they make. 

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Hassle Free Advertisement

Girl Friday will take care of publicizing your Estate sale by advertising in local newspapers, online, through email blasts, on social media and by putting up signs in the neighborhood.

Good estate sale companies are busy!  So, if you will be needing our services, contact us as in advance as soon as possible.  We don’t just show up, open the doors and sell everything.  There is a lot of planning, site preparation and marketing that goes into making a sale a success. Free consultation and evaluation, Establish a timeline for the sale. We advertising in local paper and numerous web sites and also using our social media to attract the potential buyers for successful sale. It saves you a lot of time, we do all the work you make the money.  We will broom clean home after sale. We carry full insurance to ensure our customers are protected.

Estate Sales, we understand that there are times a client does not have enough items for an estate or household or cannot afford to wait in order to hold an estate sale. This is why we offer a Buyout Service that allows you to liquidate your estate immediately, receive cash for all the items and empty your house at the same time. An Estate Buyout is the best option for those who need to empty a home as soon as possible. Consultation is free for this service.