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Girl Friday is the best assistant you could ever have. Our company will assist you with estate sales, moving sales, downsizing and relocation services. From start to finish, we make sure to take care of every detail. Our passion is making sure you get the best price for your items and that the whole experience is hassle free.

Are you facing the death of a loved one?

Are you having to file bankruptcy?

Is your house in foreclosure? 

Are you moving to a different state? | Are you trying to simplify your life? | Are you in the middle of divorce?

Whatever the situation may be Girl Friday PV is here to help!

This can be a challenging for families and love ones. Here at Girl Friday we make sure that first and foremost, that all of the belongings will be handled carefully and with respect. Once the family has removed all the mementos and items wanted from the home, Girl Friday prepares the remaining items for the Estate Sale. Everything from organizing the items, displaying the items in a sell-able manner, pricing accordingly, advertising, and hosting the sale will be done for you. Once the sale is done, the remaining items will be donated to the charity of your choice, and your home will be left perfectly clean.

We realize that often times because of an HOA or a house will sell and there's little time to have a sale to dispose of the items you aren't taking with you. Many of our sales come from real estate agents who have referred us to clients in this situation. In almost all cases, we are able to complete a sale within a 30 day escrow time period. This of course depends on getting the call as quickly as possible after the sale is confirmed.

Private Sales

In some instances, a client just has a few large items that they want to sell without having an actual sale. We go to the home, take pictures of the items, post them on our website with prices, measurements, etc. and customers call the client directly to see the items. If the client is uncomfortable showing the items, then we provide that service for them.

This can happen when the kids leave home or retirement looms or your first grandchild is born hundreds of miles away. It may even begin when you have acquired too much stuff and want to simplify your life. Regardless of the reason why, Girl Friday is here to help!

Packing & Unpacking Services

We all need a helping hand when it comes to moving, and that's why Girl Friday has decided to offer packing and unpacking services. We will be there to help with everything from wrapping/unwrapping your valuables, organizing boxes, labeling items and making sure everything is moved into your new home safely. If we are unpacking your home, we can even help by putting things in their proper place- making for less work for you.


We offer complimentary consultations to all prospective clients in the Quad-City Area.

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